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Medicare Advantage Care Coordination (MACC) Task Force

MARCH 30, 2015

task force Seniors – particularly those with multiple chronic conditions – greatly benefit from care coordination. In fact, two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or chronic kidney disease.

Yet care for many seniors is fragmented. Oftentimes, beneficiaries may shuffle between numerous doctors for different illnesses. This lack of coordination can compound health issues that beneficiaries are already facing.

To address this important problem and critical need, the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC), an AHIP-founded effort, is collaborating with leading aging, caregiver, patient, provider and minority health organizations on a unique venture called the Medicare Advantage Care Coordination (MACC) Task Force.

MACC Task Force Founding Organizations:

Imperative Logo_FINAL “We view this initiative as an opportunity to work alongside other stakeholders to educate policymakers and ensure they understand the data, and the very real impact these programs have on patient health.” Caregiver Action Network “Family caregivers play an absolutely critical role in optimizing care coordination and we have to take their contributions and needs in mind as we design health care.  In fact, family caregivers are often the ones helping their loved ones choose the Medicare Advantage program that is best for them.  This initiative helps bring their perspective to the table.”
  “Medicare Advantage has really been a care coordination model for seniors.  Obviously that needs to continue, but we can also learn from that experience and see what can be done better and what learning exists for others in the health care system.” “Care coordination doesn’t sound like much – but it is absolutely critical when you are a patient with a variety of health care needs.  We have a complicated health system – patients need someone to be their advocate and connect the dots for them – that’s what care coordination means.”
nhcoa “I am delighted to join the CMC Medicare Advantage Care Coordination (MACC) task force to promote coordination and patient-centered care delivery in Medicare.  Many diverse older adults suffer from multiple chronic diseases and language barriers and could benefit from an effective coordinated approach to care.  I am particularly interested in addressing issues impacting isolated and vulnerable populations. This initiative is an exciting opportunity to offer recommendations that will allow all older adults to age in dignity. ” – Dr. Yanira Cruz

MACC Areas of Focus:

Through collaboration around the following areas of focus, the MACC Task Force will study, report on, and improve understanding among policymakers of:

        • The advantages to different constituencies of care coordination in Medicare Advantage;
        • The effect of Medicare Advantage on patient engagement;
        • Particular aspects of Medicare Advantage that encourage better care coordination;
        • The impact of improved care coordination for patients; and
        • Trends in care coordination for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries


Research and Events

Check back for future MACC-sponsored research findings and outcomes from MACC in-person and online dialogues.

About Medicare Advantage:

Medicare Advantage is the part of Medicare through which private health plans provide comprehensive medical coverage to people over 65 and persons with disabilities. In addition to the hospital and physician coverage that is included in traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans also often include other benefits such as prescription drug, vision, hearing, dental, fitness, mental health, and management of chronic illness and disease. More than 16 million Americans, or roughly 30 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries, have chosen to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Learn more