Coalition Member Shows Gratitude for Medicare Advantage and Representative Ami Bera’s Support During COVID-19

May 15, 2020

In a time of uncertainty, our Coalition member Eric Wiedermann shared his gratitude for Medicare Advantage and for Rep. Ami Bera’s continued support for the program.

Eric chooses Medicare Advantage because of the program’s affordability, and the many benefits it provides. He considers the greatest benefits of the program to be:

  • No unexpected medical bills
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • COVID-19 and special condition coverage

For Eric, having stable health care he can rely on plays an essential role to keeping him healthy. As a Type 1 diabetic, Eric faces a higher risk of infection during the COVID-19 crisis. However, he feels confident in his ability to remain “healthy and active” due to the better services, better access to care, and better value Medicare Advantage delivers.

It’s essential for Americans like Eric to have access to stable health care they can rely on as our nation works to overcome COVID-19.

Eric has relied on his Medicare Advantage to be there when he needs it most, including when his diabetes led to significant health complications. Stable health care is more important than ever to help Eric keep his livelihood. Fortunately, Medicare Advantage has allowed Eric to keep the doctors he knows and trusts to address his medical concerns. This is a big upside for him.

The security and peace of mind that come with Medicare Advantage have given Eric much to be thankful for. And Rep. Bera’s continued support for the program has been essential in having access to the care Eric needs during this time.