Coalition Member Thanks Rep. Pocan for Supporting Medicare Advantage During Critical Times

July 24, 2020

Coalition member Gil Splett from Madison, Wisconsin has been through a lot over the last few years. His wife was hospitalized for almost a month before unfortunately passing away.

As Gil reflects, he is thankful for all the support Medicare Advantage has delivered during those tough times.The cost of the medical visits his wife needed were not something Gil had to be concerned about. He had peace of mind and he was able to fully be present to support his wife up to the very end.

Today, Gil appreciates that his Congressman, Rep. Mark Pocan, has been an unknowing ally through the entire process. In addition to the providers’ support in helping he and his wife navigate treatment and care options, Rep. Pocan’s support of the Medicare Advantage program made Gil’s situation easier as well. He feels he could not have gotten through that year without his Medicare Advantage plan.

Gil’s health care program was able to help him budget the medical finances without feeling overwhelmed from the process. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, he finds relief in the fact that his program is taking all of the precautionary measures to limit his exposure to the virus.

Medicare Advantage programs are providing patients with:

  • Expanded access to telehealth for virtual doctor visits
  • COVID-19 diagnostic testing at no cost to patients when ordered by a doctor
  • Access to prescription medication so patients can continue to address their health care concerns during this time

Many Americans rely on these options from their Medicare Advantage programs to stay happy and healthy during this critical time.  Gil is hopeful that Rep. Pocan and other members of Congress will continue to advocate for this health care program.