Coalition Members Discuss Medicare Advantage with Senator Rosen

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met with Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) to discuss how Medicare Advantage provides better services, better access to care, and better value for seniors and individuals with disabilities. They also presented Senator Rosen with a Medicare Advantage Champion Award on behalf of the CMC to thank her for standing up for the program.

Senator Rosen opened the meeting by saying she was excited to hear from the seniors and learn more about their experiences.

Coalition member Ana shared that she likes the nurse hotline that she can call whenever she has a question. She has been able to see the same in-network doctor for 15 years and likes that her doctor knows her well. Ana said she also appreciates the added benefit of reminders for wellness checks, immunizations, prescription refills, and preventive tests her plan provides. When she injured her arm and shoulder, Medicare Advantage easily coordinated the care she needed from two physical therapists. Ana thanked Senator Rosen for her dedication to senior health.

Peter, another Coalition member, said he appreciated the ease of enrolling in his Medicare Advantage plan. He told the group, everything is “under one umbrella versus having multiple cards and supplemental plans.” Peter said he likes knowing that many benefits are available to him even if he hasn’t needed them yet, and that they will continue to be available with Congressional support.

Coalition member Rahim uses the benefits of his Medicare Advantage extensively, especially the gym memberships. He said he not only enjoys working out, but he appreciates the social aspect of Medicare Advantage’s exercise benefits as well. Rahim said his health is extremely valuable to him, so he finds the focus on preventive care important.

Senator Rosen told the group, “I will continue to support Medicare Advantage and work to strengthen the program for all.”

The CMC is thankful to Senator Rosen for meeting with our Coalition members and for her continued support of Medicare Advantage, including her signature on the recent bipartisan Medicare Advantage support letter.