Coalition Members Meet Virtually with Representative Allred

Four Texas Members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met virtually with Representative Colin Allred (D-TX-32) to discuss the critical role Medicare Advantage plays in providing affordable, high-quality health care coverage to Texans.

Coalition member Dennis started the meeting by sharing the importance of Medicare Advantage for people with disabilities. He explained that more than half of people with disabilities on Medicare enroll in Medicare Advantage because there are more benefits, including care coordination with home modifications, which is especially important for those who are in wheelchairs. Dennis added that consumer choice, telehealth, and transportation services are crucial for many Texans.

Viola, another Coalition member, told the group she is a retired nurse and has worked in health care in many capacities. When she retired, she did her homework on health care plans and enrolled in Medicare Advantage. She has found that Medicare Advantage’s coordination of care has been helpful for seniors who are not sure how to navigate their care. She highlighted the reduced cost of medication and the Silver Sneakers program as two of her favorite elements of her coverage.

Jean echoed Viola’s comments, saying that the perks of Medicare Advantage, such as reimbursements for physicals and the Silver Sneakers program, have helped her to stay healthier.

Coalition member Betty said that she is not only satisfied with her Medicare Advantage plan, but she has really taken advantage of the benefits. She shared that she and many of her friends rely on Medicare Advantage.

Representative Allred told the group, “I’ve been a supporter of Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans since I’ve been in Congress… all my family members are on Medicare Advantage plans, so I’m clearly not going to be somebody who wants to see those plans get worse.” He added that there are many great elements of Medicare Advantage, including vision and dental coverage, and the program helps seniors retire with dignity.

The CMC is grateful to Representative Allred for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.