Coalition Members Meet Virtually with Representative Torres

Six members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met virtually with Representative Ritchie Torres (D-NY-15) to discuss the affordability and value of Medicare Advantage for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Coalition member Dona started the meeting by saying, “I have been a recipient for several years and the program has been excellent. I am especially thankful for the gym class and Silver Sneakers benefits because it is so important for seniors to have access to a gym with no fee, so they stay healthy and active.”

Pat, another Coalition member, shared with the group that, “I chose Medicare Advantage when I was retiring and trying to decide on how to best continue health coverage.” She explained, “I am glad I joined the program because most of my medications have no charge, and all of my doctors’ appointments only require a low co-pay.” She said that many people need low premiums to access quality health care.

CMC advocate Dan told the group that he is a champion for Medicare Advantage because “I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my Medicare Advantage plan and am very happy with the choices I have with treatment options and doctors.” Dan went on to say that the reason he is healthy today is because of the benefits he can access through the program, which he looks forward to continuing to use as he gets older.

As the Program Director for the East Concourse Senior Center, Solomon works with seniors who depend on the zero-dollar premiums that come with many Medicare Advantage plans. He said to Representative Torres, “whatever you can do to continue providing these services is so important.”

Coalition member Rosalina followed Solomon’s comment by saying, “I agree on the need for Medicare Advantage. Our senior centers are in very poor places in the Bronx and most seniors are on a low fixed income. They struggle to pay copays and need help. Anything that can be done to keep the Medicare Advantage program fully funded would be appreciated.”

Maria, another Coalition member, echoed the other Coalition members’ comments about the importance of Medicare Advantage.

Representative Torres told the group, “Medicare Advantage is integral to fulfilling the Medicare guarantee, offering choice and affordability to meet the health needs of seniors and those with disabilities. With over 70 percent of eligible constituents enrolled, my district has one of the highest Medicare Advantage enrollment rates in the country. I will continue to fight alongside my colleagues in Congress to ensure this essential program remains fully intact.”

The CMC is grateful to Representative Torres for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.