Coalition Members Meet Virtually with Senator Warnock

January 11, 2022

Five members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently participated in a virtual meeting with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) to discuss the important role Medicare Advantage plays in providing seniors and individuals with disabilities with high-quality, affordable health care.

After introductions, Senator Warnock said, “I’m here to listen and learn about Medicare Advantage.”

CMC advocate Mutima explained that her mother, who is on Medicare Advantage, has diabetes and requires a lot of care. Her Medicare Advantage plan has made life easier, covering the cost of supplies and helping manage her care.

Coalition member Jaime shared her family’s history with diabetes, including several family members who passed away or suffered serious complications because they were unable to afford the medication they needed. Her mother is on Medicare Advantage, and thanks to the affordability of her plan, she can manage her condition and take care of herself.

Kim, who is a State Representative, said that she knows many seniors who are happy with the Medicare Advantage program, and pointed out that it’s very rare that so many individuals would be pleased by their health care plan. Kim said that many seniors are concerned about possible cuts to the program because it could impact their access to benefits and services.

Senator Warnock told Kim, “I haven’t heard about any cuts to Medicare Advantage, and I am opposed to cuts.”

Coalition members Charlene and Henry told the group that Henry developed asthma later in life. When he went to Denver for tests, they were “panic stricken” waiting for the bill, but it never came. “Medicare Advantage took care of that full bill,” Henry said. “Medicare Advantage has continued to provide medication to keep me at really no subsequent attacks going forward and I’m in good health now as a direct result of Medicare Advantage.” Charlene added that after coming home from a hospital stay, she needed to go to the grocery store to get food, but she was exhausted. When she got ready to leave, she found that Medicare Advantage had sent groceries to her house. “That was a godsend,” she said. “We want to help you with whatever we can do to encourage the other Senators and Congressmen to really look at the issues that they’re trying to cut and remember how it makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Senator Warnock closed the meeting with a few remarks, saying, “I believe in health care. We will fight for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid.”

The CMC is grateful to Senator Warnock for meeting with our Coalition members and for his support of Medicare Advantage.