Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Representative Bilirakis

Four members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with the office of Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL-12) to share their positive experiences with Medicare Advantage.

Representative Bilirakis’ staff member kicked off the meeting, saying, “Thank you all for each of your unique perspectives and I can say with 100% certainty that the Congressman is a strong supporter of Medicare Advantage plans and the Medicare Advantage program.”

Coalition advocate Ernie pointed out that 2.5 million Florida seniors choose Medicare Advantage because it brings peace of mind. He said he likes the affordable out-of-pocket costs, low prescription drug prices, and additional benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover. Ernie works with low-income seniors, and he said the affordability of Medicare Advantage is extremely important because it brings better value to those communities.

Kendra, another Coalition advocate, said Medicare Advantage is critical for the state’s Hispanic population. Her father, a Veteran who is on Medicare Advantage, appreciates that his plan reaches out to him to check in on his needs. Kendra said her father’s Medicare Advantage covers a range of needs, from physical to mental health, and that she is grateful that a plan like this is available for seniors who have served our country.

Coalition member Robin said she likes the low premiums and co-pays that make it affordable for her to see the doctor and get her prescriptions. Medicare Advantage has been much better for her finances than original Medicare, she said, because she saves money on dental, vision, and hearing benefits. When Robin was looking for a plan, she said she wanted “no change in doctors, no sacrifices, and [a plan] that covers what I need – Medicare Advantage is one-stop shopping.”

Andrea, another Coalition member, has been on Medicare Advantage for 10 years. Her husband who has Parkinson’s disease also relies on Medicare Advantage. Andrea said she likes the preventive care measures included in Medicare Advantage, such as the fitness classes she attends regularly.

Rep. Bilirakis’ staff thanked everyone for joining. He then said, “We will continue to push and ensure that this program is alive and well and is strengthened as we go along. So, you have our full support. It is my goal that Rep. Bilirakis be Medicare Advantage’s number one champion.”

The CMC is grateful to the office of Representative Bilirakis for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.