Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Representative Mikie Sherrill

During a virtual meeting with staff from the office of Representative Mikie Sherrill, 4 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) discussed the benefits of their Medicare Advantage plans.

Coalition member Erin opened the meeting by telling the group some of the features she most appreciates about her Medicare Advantage plan, including the low out-of-pocket costs and lower premiums that help her save money and budget effectively. She added that fitness classes, including those offered virtually, have enabled her to maintain her health. During the pandemic, she greatly appreciated telehealth services which allowed her to see her doctor and ensure her needs would be met during a difficult time.

Anthony, a Coalition member who is also a local elected official, explained that over 21,000 of his constituents are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, which provide extensive health care benefits. He encouraged Congress not to make changes to a health care program that his constituents are happy with, noting that any changes would be disruptive and upsetting to seniors.

Ruth noted that her husband is happily enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. Ruth is grateful that her husband was able to enroll in Medicare Advantage through the state’s retiree system, as he has been able to focus on preventative care which has kept him healthy. She said that she hopes Congress will ensure Medicare Advantage is protected, as the program provides quality care to over 525,000 New Jersey residents.

Lastly, Coalition member Keith, also an elected official, shared that his Township Council passed a municipal resolution in support of the Medicare Advantage program after seeing the immense positive impact it has had on the senior community. Keith closed his remarks by saying, “as public sector retirees are left with fewer healthcare options, Medicare Advantage is an important, low-cost, and comprehensive program for our seniors.”

Representative Sherrill’s staff reiterated that the Congresswoman is a strong supporter of Medicare Advantage.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Representative Sherrill for meeting with our Coalition members and for her support of Medicare Advantage.