Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Representative Wild

Four members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently had the chance to meet virtually with the office of Representative Susan Wild (D-PA-07) to discuss the high-quality, affordable care they can access through Medicare Advantage.

Ed, a Medicare Advantage advocate, shared the experience of Coalition member Joe, who was unable to attend the meeting as he was receiving dialysis treatment. Joe is facing acute renal failure and has several accompanying medical disabilities. Ed was so glad to see Joe enrolled in Medicare Advantage because it has been immensely helpful for his care.

Coalition member Marylu said that she is newer to Medicare Advantage but has been thrilled with the coverage and her low premium. She added that cuts to the program could hurt her ability to work with local specialists that she has seen for a while.

Becky, another Coalition member, is a case manager for seniors. She said Medicare Advantage is a “fabulous program,” and offers seniors coverage with very low premiums. She has helped many seniors enroll in Medicare Advantage and benefit from the “Special Needs Program,” which allows seniors to access additional support and follow-up with specialists.

Medicare Advantage advocate Heather spoke about helping seniors choose the program that is right for them. She explained that most seniors choose Medicare Advantage plans because of the affordability and coverage. She added, “having the option of affordable health care is invaluable for seniors.” She also noted that “the reason the Medicare Advantage program was created was to help vulnerable seniors, which is the most important reason for fully funding the program moving forward.”

Representative Wild’s staff thanked everyone for meeting with her. She said that meeting with constituents is very important, and she would share their stories with the Representative.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Representative Wild for meeting with our Coalition members.