Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Senator Hickenlooper

Colorado members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently had the opportunity to meet virtually with the office of Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) to discuss the benefits and services they can access through Medicare Advantage.

Coalition member Pat told her story about signing up for Medicare Advantage. When Pat and her husband turned 65, they started to look for new health care coverage. Pat said they considered many components including the cost of care, benefits, copays, and more, and found that Medicare Advantage provided the best coverage for their needs. She told the group that Medicare Advantage has been fantastic, covering almost the entirety of her husband’s care when he had a heart attack. Also, when Pat needed knee replacement surgery that cost over $100,000, she only was responsible for a $100 copay.

Mike, another Coalition member, shared that he retired from the AFL-CIO in 2015. While he was working there, he spent a lot of time negotiating health care plans, so he was familiar with health coverage. As soon as he turned 65, he enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Mike said that Medicare Advantage was by far the best health coverage for him, and he appreciates that the program works to maintain access to his same health care providers. He concluded by saying that Medicare Advantage is widely supported by enrollees across the country.

Senator Hickenlooper’s staff expressed support for Medicare Advantage and thanked the Coalition members for sharing their stories.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Senator Hickenlooper for meeting with our Coalition members.