Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Senator Wyden

Six members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with the office of Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) to discuss the affordable, high-quality health care they can access through Medicare Advantage.

Coalition member Ray shared that he taught in the Portland Public School system for 20 years, and after he retired, he enrolled in Medicare Advantage because of the additional services his plan offered, including hearing benefits. He added that through his Medicare Advantage plan, he was able to reduce his out-of-pocket costs for his hearing needs, which has been very helpful for affording hearing aids.

Eileen, a CMC advocate, said that she is also a retired teacher. She and her husband are both enrolled in Medicare Advantage, and they have found the dental and hearing benefits to be extremely helpful. Because she and her husband have both had issues with hearing, the additional benefits have been a stress reliever for them.

Another Coalition member, James, told the group he was in an accident seven years ago that left him paralyzed. With Medicare Advantage, he has access to experts who help him receive the benefits and coverage he needs. Through his plan, he has had all his health needs taken care of, including the cost of his prescription medication and other medical supplies.

CMC advocate Christos shared that ever since signing up for Medicare Advantage he has had access to better coverage and benefits, all of which he receives at a low cost. Because he is on a fixed income, the reliability and dependability of the program are important so that he knows exactly how much to budget for his health care.

Debbie, another Coalition member, said that she has been very satisfied with her Medicare Advantage plan, especially the access to in-home care. She recently had an hour-long appointment where the practitioner came to her house, provided a checkup, and went through all her medications. She closed by saying access to additional benefits is very important for seniors who may need extra services to stay healthy.

Senator Wyden’s staff member told the group that she was very appreciative of hearing their personal experiences with Medicare Advantage, and that hearing these stories is helpful for decision makers in Washington. She added that she would relay to Senator Wyden the Coalition members’ feedback.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Senator Wyden for meeting with our Coalition members.