Coalition Members Meet with Representative Gimenez

Three advocates of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative Carlos Gimenez (R-FL-26) to share their experiences with how Medicare Advantage brings high-quality, affordable health care to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Representative Gimenez thanked everyone for coming to discuss Medicare Advantage. He said, “[I appreciate] the focus on our Hispanic community to ensure access to quality health care, medications and insurance to meet their needs. We hear good things about Medicare Advantage from our constituents.”

Coalition advocate Andres explained that he works for the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is the oldest organization representing the wellbeing of Hispanic Americans. Andres’ grandmother uses Medicare Advantage and relies on it for quality care. She specifically appreciates getting updated eyeglasses and staying fit through wellness programs, he said.

Helena, another Coalition advocate, has been her mother’s caregiver for several years. Since enrolling in Medicare Advantage, her mother has saved a lot of money on her health care needs, Helena said. It’s important for seniors like Helena’s mom to continue benefitting from Medicare Advantage, she said, because it improves health and livelihoods. Not only is her mother saving money, but she gets to stay active, which is crucial at her age, Helena added.

Maria, the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce in Palm Beach County, said she has seen an increase in Medicare Advantage members in the area. Seniors like to stay active, she said, and Medicare Advantage gives them the opportunity to stay in shape through programs like SilverSneakers. Mental health is an important part of health, especially after the pandemic, Maria added, and Medicare Advantage incorporates this type of care into coverage plans.

Representative Gimenez shared that he supports Medicare Advantage and has seen high satisfaction from those in his district who use the program.

The CMC is grateful to Representative Gimenez for meeting with our Coalition members and for his support of Medicare Advantage.