Coalition Members Meet with Representative Levin

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative Andy Levin (D-MI-09) to share their experiences with how Medicare Advantage provides seniors and people with disabilities with better services, better access to care, and better value.

During the virtual meeting, Coalition member John, a former Michigan state legislator, explained how he needed to choose a health plan when he left the legislature. He chose Medicare Advantage and said he has been very grateful for the coverage. Following a stroke in 2021, John described how his Medicare Advantage coverage was essential in getting him the significant rehabilitation care he needed to return to normal life.

Coalition member Sharon described how the benefits Medicare Advantage provides seem to increase each year, even as her copay has decreased. She added that she likes the full dental and vision benefits and that it is easy to navigate her plan. When her late husband was in the hospital, Medicare Advantage covered their costs, allowing Sharon to focus on her husband.

Sherri, another Coalition member, shared how easy it is to understand her Medicare Advantage benefits. She added that the personal attention she receives is unmatched and makes her feel very supported. She also appreciates the inclusion of telehealth and her comprehensive drug coverage, which she described as unmatched. Sherri noted that Medicare Advantage makes it easier and more affordable to get her medications.

Representative Levin thanked the group for sharing their stories. He noted that health care is a top issue for his constituents and said, “Medicare Advantage plays a vital role in giving people access to quality care. It’s working and it’s working well.”

The CMC is grateful to Representative Levin for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.