Coalition Members Meet with Representative Scott

Six members and advocates of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA-03), to discuss how Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Stephanie, a Richmond Councilmember, touched on her experience supporting seniors’ needs in her professional and elected roles. Medicare Advantage plans come with much-needed benefits including dental, hearing, and vision coverage, she said.

“I have five public housing facilities in my district, all with a significant Medicare Advantage population. [Medicare Advantage] is invaluable to them,” she added. “I routinely reach out to my seniors and speak with them. I have been very pleased with the number of [Medicare Advantage] plans doing important senior work. I have seen the power of what [Medicare Advantage] can do for people on the ground.”

Coalition member Barbara spent 20 years working in health care and is very familiar with Medicare Advantage plans. She and her husband are both retired and have Medicare Advantage plans that they love for the value, access to care, and services they provide, she said.

“I have no monthly payments. Many seniors would go without needed services if they did not have the low copays and low fees that Medicare Advantage provides,” Barbara said.  She also highlighted her satisfaction with the preventive care and case management services, saying, “I have a call with my case manager every month. Having access to real people is fantastic. The last time my husband was experiencing a medical issue, we called the Nurse on Duty. This is so much faster, easier, and less costly than the emergency room visit we would have had to make otherwise.”

Coalition member Tate resides in a rural area with limited medical facilities. She shared her positive experience with Medicare Advantage, noting that Medicare Advantage offers her a plan with no monthly costs and has enabled her to keep her preferred medical professionals.  She added that telehealth services have been especially valuable for rural folks.

Lucy, another Coalition advocate, has been her mother’s primary caregiver for several years. She said having one card and no paperwork has made it much easier to handle her mother’s medical needs.

“Medicare Advantage has made it as painless as possible,” Lucy said. “All of the prescriptions, appointments, copays, etc., are made much easier with some of the online features.”

Rep. Scott thanked everyone for their time and encouraged them to contact him if they needed any assistance.

The CMC is grateful to Representative Scott for meeting with our Coalition members.