Coalition Members Meet with the Office of Senator Rubio

Five members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met recently with the office of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). During the virtual meeting, they shared their experiences with the many ways Medicare Advantage provides better services, better access to care, and better value for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

CMC advocate Ernie shared that he knows many Florida Silver Haired Legislature volunteers who rely on Medicare Advantage and have expressed their satisfaction with the program, particularly with how easy it is to use and the wide range of benefits it offers, from mental health to vision coverage.  Ernie discussed the affordability of Medicare Advantage, with its cap on out-of-pocket costs and lower prescription drug prices, noting this kind of value is important for individuals with fixed incomes.

Coalition member Andrea told the group she has been on Medicare Advantage for more than 10 years. “I am very happy with it,” she said, noting that a recent hospital visit went smoothly. “I am doing well because of the good care my Medicare Advantage plan provides me.”

Coalition advocate Ashley explained that her father is on Medicare Advantage, so she has a different perspective on the program. The preventive benefits have been helpful in keeping her father healthy and out of the hospital. She joked that her father, “is a loving person, but generally has a lot to complain about and he has no complaints about his Medicare Advantage plan.”

Kendra, another CMC advocate, said her father is a veteran and that his Medicare Advantage plan takes care of his many health needs, including mental health care.

“I love that this program is available to him and that his [Medicare Advantage] plan truly cares about his service to his country and works hard for him,” she said. During the pandemic, a nurse came to the house to administer vaccinations for him. Kendra’s father is immunocompromised after having cancer, she said, so receiving the vaccinations at home through Medicare Advantage meant a lot to him.

Senator Rubio’s staff member thanked the group for joining and said that the Senator supports Medicare Advantage, noting, “Senator Rubio has met with seniors before to hear how Medicare Advantage has helped them. He always appreciates hearing how well Medicare Advantage is serving Floridians.”

The CMC is grateful to the office of Senator Rubio for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.