Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Gus Bilirakis

July 2, 2021

4 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative Gus Bilirakis. They shared how Medicare Advantage delivers high-quality, affordable health care and peace of mind, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Coalition member Sandy told Representative Bilirakis that she chose Medicare Advantage after watching how it helped her husband manage his health. Since she joined Medicare Advantage, Sandy has taken advantage of the many fitness and wellness programs available to her, which has kept her energy levels up and allows her to complete tasks she was unable to do before.  

Coalition member Steve echoed Sandy’s remarks about Medicare Advantage’s fitness programs. He highlighted how they have helped him physically and mentally. He told Representative Bilirakis, “Right now I am seeing muscles I haven’t seen since I was a teenager.” Steve also shared how Medicare Advantage is very friendly to those seniors who live on a budget.  

Another Coalition member Sylvia shared how Medicare Advantage makes it easy for her to manage her health because they take care of all the paperwork. At the end of each visit, she is handed a final report with clear instructions which means “I don’t need an extra pair of ears to tell me exactly what medicine and dosage I should take, it’s all written out which provides incredible peace of mind.” She also mentioned how her Medicare Advantage plan helped during the COVID-19 crisis by delivering a digital thermometer, masks, and gloves when they were unavailable at regular stores.  

Lastly, Coalition member Giesla shared how her Medicare Advantage plan helped her get an emergency biopsy done while he was traveling out of state. Thanks to the flexibility of her Medicare Advantage plan, she was able to schedule an appointment quickly and get the care she needed even though she was far from home. She also thanked Representative Bilirakis for supporting audio-only telehealth, making it easier for seniors to consult with their doctors.  

Representative Bilirakis expressed his support for Medicare Advantage stating, “We have been discussing MA on the Hill and fiscally you can’t beat this program. The pros outweigh any cons because it’s preventative, lowers drug costs, seniors stay in shape, so they live longer. The comfort of being able to visit your dentist, as well as a specialist, provides a peace of mind that seniors deserve, especially after everything we have been through in the past year. This is exactly why I have been and will continue to be a big supporter, no question.” 

The CMC is thankful for Representative Bilirakis’s support and for meeting with our Coalition members.