Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Joyce Beatty’s Staff

September 10, 2021

3 of our Coalition members from Ohio recently met with staff from Representative Joyce Beatty’s office. They shared how Medicare Advantage provide Americans 65+ with high-quality, affordable health coverage.

Our Coalition member Carol was the first to share. She told the group that she and her husband are very happy with their Medicare Advantage plan for the following reasons:  

  • Response time from their Medicare Advantage plans when they reach out 
  • The focus on preventative care 
  • The ability to choose their physicians 

 She told the group, “We are very pleased with the plan’s response times and preventative care at no cost.”

Coalition member Linda shared that she did her research when deciding what health care plan to go with upon retirement; she ultimately chose Medicare Advantage because it provides her with high-quality care, at an affordable price.

Another Coalition member Jim said he is very happy with his Medicare Advantage plan because there are no co-pays when he goes to see his doctor. He’s also a veteran and spoke about how Medicare Advantage helps complement his care. Jim also spoke about telehealth and how he knows a number of people who don’t have access to the internet, and that they would have been hesitant to see their doctor. Jim urged Representative Beatty to co-sponsor the audio-only telehealth bill so that these Americans could still access the care they need.

Representative Beatty’s staff told the group that Representative Beatty is a strong supporter of both Medicare Advantage and telehealth. They shared that that Representative Beatty is trying find ways to expand telehealth, highlighting urban residents who do not have access to internet or a computer, so they need other options to be able to see their doctors.

The Coalition for Medicare Choices is grateful to Representative Beatty’s office for meeting with our Coalition members and to the Representative for her strong support of Medicare Advantage.