Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Kevin Brady’s Staff

August 30, 2021

4 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices from Texas recently met with staff from Representative Kevin Brady’s office to share how Medicare Advantage takes care of Americans 65+ across Texas and offers them high-quality care at a price they can afford.

Coalition member Susan shared that from both her personal experience, as well as knowing many seniors who are on Medicare Advantage, she believes Medicare Advantage is a valuable program because it provides Texans with affordable health care that Americans 65+ are overwhelmingly satisfied with. She also spoke about both rural and urban Texans who don’t have access to broadband internet — for many of these people, access to care comes through the phone, and urged Representative Brady to do everything he could to ensure that these individuals could still access their care over the phone.

Another Coalition member Gary reiterated Susan’s comments and spoke about his work, saying that he works with seniors across the state to counsel them on their benefits and Medicare Advantage is an outstanding program that many take advantage of. He said in addition to being used by seniors across the board, it is also a great benefit to low-income Americans 65+. Gary emphasized that any reduction to the program would be a travesty, including cuts to audio-only telehealth. Gary closed by urging Representative Brady continue to not only support the Medicare Advantage program, but also work to expand it.

Coalition member Jean also weighed in her experience with Medicare Advantage, saying that as a retired teacher she “takes advantage of her Advantage.” She credits her Medicare Advantage program for helping her to budget in retirement and mentioned that in addition to low premiums, she also pays very little for prescription drugs. She told the group that, “Medicare Advantage is a blessing for me.”

The CMC is grateful to Representative Brady’s office for meeting with our Coalition members and for Representative Brady’s strong support of Medicare Advantage.