Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Mark Pocan’s Office

April 23, 2021

Wisconsin Coalition members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with staff from Representative Mark Pocan’s office to share how Medicare Advantage plans have supported them and provided them with peace of mind, both before and during the COVID-19 crisis.

Coalition member Katy shared that her husband had to have a double hip replacement, and following the surgery experienced several complications like infections which resulted in multiple hospitals stays and rehab. The cost of care was over $300,000, but thanks to Medicare Advantage, their out-of-pocket costs were affordable. She credits Medicare Advantage for keeping them from going bankrupt. “This has been a life saver for us, a Godsend.”

Another Coalition member Judy shared that she likes her Medicare Advantage plan because her prescription drug coverage and preventive care are covered all under 1 plan. She explained that her Medicare Advantage plan even provides her with credits and rewards for focusing on preventative care, like exercise classes and eating healthy. Judy also spoke about the importance of having access to telehealth services like audio-only telehealth. She appreciated having the ability to connect with her doctor over the phone during the COVID-19 crisis. She asked Representative Pocan’s staff to ensure that Americans 65+ could still continue to access audio-only telehealth when things get back to normal.

Lastly, Coalition member Margie told the group that she is relatively healthy, and thus appreciates the preventative care aspect of her Medicare Advantage plan because it allows her to focus on her staying healthy. She shared that she has peace of mind knowing that if she needs medical help her Medicare Advantage plan will be there for her.

The CMC is grateful to Representative Pocan’s office for meeting with our Coalition members and hearing why they love Medicare Advantage.