Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Bill Cassidy

June 23, 2021

Previously, 11 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) from Louisiana met with Senator Bill Cassidy to share how their Medicare Advantage plans keep them healthy, both before and during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Coalition member Lauranell spoke about the importance of telehealth, especially during this crisis. She shared that she used telehealth to speak to her doctors while isolating at home, and how it was a relief that she could still access medical care. Lauranell told Senator Cassidy that while she was lucky enough to be able to use video conferencing, for many Americans 65+ in the state, especially those on a low income or who live in rural areasvideo technology isn’t available. She asked Senator Cassidy to co-sponsor the Ensuring Parity in MA for Audio-Only Telehealth Act (S. 150). 

Coalition members Lu and Kathy also expressed their support for telehealth, saying that they had talked to their doctors over the phone during the COVID-19 crisis and really enjoyed the experience because they didn’t have to worry about stepping out of the house and exposing themselves to COVID-19. 

Another Coalition member Quinn shared that as a retiree affordability is a priority for him, especially when it comes to health care. His favorite aspect of his Medicare Advantage plan is that he can see his primary care doctor, as well as access integrated vision, hearing, and dental coverage, all under one plan. He also liked that it’s extremely affordable, with low premiums and copays. 

Senator Cassidy told the group that he supports Medicare Advantage because it provides choices to seniors when it comes to their health. He also shared that he believes that competition is good for the consumer, and that he knows Medicare Advantage offers good health care because it continues to grow in popularity every year.  

The CMC is grateful to Senator Cassidy for meeting with our Coalition members and for his strong support of Medicare Advantage.