Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Jon Ossoff

July 5, 2021

7 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Senator Jon Ossoff to explain why they chose Medicare Advantage for their health care needs. They also shared with Senator Ossoff how Medicare Advantage plans offer them high-quality health care at an affordable price, in addition to providing preventive care and additional benefits like transportation and meal deliveries. 

Coalition member Mae told Senator Ossoff that the number 1 thing she wanted to share with him is how her Medicare Advantage plan has helped her save money. She’s had 3 knee replacements and not only did Medicare Advantage pay for everything associated with the surgery, they also covered her transportation to and from the hospital. 

Coalition members Charlene and Hubert shared that Hubert had to have surgery out of state. Their Medicare Advantage plan covered all the costs of Hubert’s care, including transportation. Additionally, while Hubert was recovering from surgery, Charlene and Hubert came home from the hospital to find groceries provided by their Medicare Advantage plan delivered to their door. 

Coalition member Conneva Hall shared how her Medicare Advantage plan has helped her manage her diabetes and kept her healthy. She then spoke about her husband, who has several health issues. Thanks to their Medicare Advantage plan, their out-of-pocket costs have been low. She is also grateful that their plan has provided them with transportation to get to and from doctor appointments. 

Another Coalition member Charlene shared that she is quadriplegic and didn’t expected to walk again, but thanks to her Medicare Advantage plan she is doing great. She said that she really loves the partnership she has with her Medicare Advantage plan and that she believes it treats not only what is bothering her now, but things that are going to happen in the future. Charlene also loves the prevention component, which rewards her for staying healthy and remaining socially active. 

Coalition members also stressed the importance of telehealth, especially audio-only telehealth and urged Senator Ossoff to co-sponsor Ensuring Parity in MA for Audio-Only Telehealth Act (S. 150). Senator Ossoff expressed his understanding of how talking to a doctor over the phone could be important to seniors. He also mentioned that he appreciated hearing from the group how their Medicare Advantage plans have helped them. 

The CMC is grateful to Senator Ossoff for meeting with our Coalition members and listening to their stories on how Medicare Advantage has supported them, while also saving them money.