Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Joni Ernst to Discuss Medicare Advantage

April 9, 2021

Several members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices met virtually with Senator Ernst and shared with her why they support Medicare Advantage. The attending Coalition members shared how Medicare Advantage has provided them with peace of mind, and kept them healthy, including during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Coalition member Ken shared that because Medicare Advantage focuses on preventative care, it encourages Americans 65+ to be proactive, instead of reactive, about their health and wellness. By prioritizing preventive care, Medicare Advantage delivers significant cost savings for both enrollees and American taxpayers. Ken emphasized Medicare Advantage’s affordability to Senator Ernst, citing that 40% of those who have Medicare Advantage coverage make less than $25,000 a year  

Ken also talked about how Medicare Advantage plans stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis and expanded telehealth services so that millions of Americans 65+ could still continue to see their doctor, even while they were socially isolated. For some Americans 65+using video technology can be a bit challenging, while others don’t have access to reliable internet. In these cases, Americans 65+ rely on the telephone so they can speak to their doctors. Ken urged Senator Ernst to co-sponsor S. 150, the Ensuring Parity in MA for Audio-Only Telehealth Act, so Americans 65+  can continue to get the care they need as the COVID-19 crisis continues. 

Coalition member Mary Jo echoed Ken’s remarks and shared how Medicare Advantage has kept her healthy both before and during the COVID-19 crisis. She explained that prior to COVID-19, her husband and her would go to the gym – now they utilize Medicare Advantage’s virtual fitness class benefits to stay healthy. Mary Jo also told Senator Ernst that Medicare Advantage helps her manage her chronic condition, and live pain-free, by fully covering the cost of her prescription drugsShe continues to be a supporter of Medicare Advantage because it brings her peace of mind. 

Senator Ernst thanked Coalition members for meeting with her and sharing their experiences with Medicare Advantage. She told the group that she would continue to support the program, because it is an important issue to her.  

The Coalition for Medicare Choices thanks Senator Ernst for meeting with our Coalition members and for her continued support for better services, better access to care, and better value