Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Office

May 7, 2021

members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with staff from Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s office to share with the office why they love Medicare Advantage, and how their Medicare Advantage plans support them and keep them healthy, while also providing high-quality care at a low cost, including for prescription medication.

Coalition member Angelica and her daughter Arlyne shared how Angelica’s Medicare Advantage plan provided her with significant cost-savings. Prior to joining Medicare Advantage, she was on a health care plan that cost her several hundred dollars a month. Upon switching to Medicare Advantage, she found a zero-premium plan that allowed her to keep her doctors.

Since then, Angelica’s Medicare Advantage plan has helped her through back-to-back medical proceduresThroughout the process, and even after, her Medicare Advantage plan made sure she received the best care by providing physical therapy and skilled careAdditionally, a nurse checked on her once a week to make sure she was doing well.

Arlyne also shared that Medicare Advantage has helped her save on prescription medication. She’s never had any trouble accessing her prescriptions with Medicare Advantage, and has seen the price of insulin go down by a $100 a month from $135 to $35.

Coalition member Dave echoeArlyne’s experience with costsavings when it comes to his cholesterol medicationDave’s Medicare Advantage plan covers his prescription drugs at no cost to him. 

Dave also spoke about the importance of audio-only telehealthHe shared that his father doesn’t have a computer to use for video-conferencing, and thus uses the phone to speak to his doctors. This has been important during the COVID-19 crisis so Dave’s father can consult his doctor without going out and risking getting sick. Dave urged the Senator to co-sponsor the Ensuring Parity in MA for Audio-Only Telehealth Act (S. 150), so his father can continue to get the care he needs. 

The CMC is grateful to Senator Sinema’s office for meeting with our Coalition members and hearing why they support Medicare Advantage.