Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Mark Kelly

March 10, 2021

Coalition members from Arizona met virtually with Senator Mark Kelly recently to share why they are very satisfied with Medicare Advantage. They shared how the program provides Americans 65+ and people with disabilities with better services, better access to care, and better value – and provides peace of mind during the COVID-19 crisis

Coalition member Arlyne serves as the caregiver for her mother Angelica, who is also a Coalition member. Arlyne shared how Medicare Advantage helped her mother access affordable prescription drugs to stay healthy. She also shared that the program delivered excellent care to her mother, including 3 surgeries, home care, and nursing care over the course of 1 year. Through that timAngelica’s Medicare Advantage plan checked in on her weekly, ensuring she received the care she needed.  

Another Coalition member Chris told Senator Kelly how Medicare Advantage plans are taking care of Americans during the COVID-19 crisis anurged Senator Kelly to support S. 150, the Ensuring Parity in Medicare Advantage for Audio-Only Telehealth ActChris explained that his in-laws have relied on telehealth that since the beginning of the pandemic, due to health challenges they are unable to use a computer for video consultations. Passage of this legislation would ensure that Americans 65+ and people with disabilities like Chris’s in-laws who are unable to access video technology, can continue to connect with their doctors through audio-only telehealth services 

Lastly, our Coalition member Dave shared that Medicare Advantage keeps him active through wellness and health benefits. He also highlighted how the program places a strong focus on preventive care through regular check-ups, which is important as he gets olderkeeping him healthy and happy.  

Senator Kelly thanked the group for meeting with him and sharing their personal experiences with Medicare Advantage. He told the group that he had always heard good things about the programincluding that it receives high satisfaction rates from members  

The Coalition for Medicare Choices is grateful to Senator Kelly for meeting our Coalition members and hearing why they support Medicare Advantage