Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Senator Marsha Blackburn’s Staff

May 21, 2021

members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices from Tennessee previously met with staff from Senator Marsha Blackburn’s office. They shared with Senator Blackburn’s team how Medicare Advantage has provided them peace of mind during the COVID-19 crisis, while also offering better services, better access to care, and better value.    

Coalition member Dave shared that he used to work in business, and so when he was looking to retire, he compared health care plans, and ultimately chose Medicare Advantage because it, makes financial sense. He shared that of his favorite things about his plan is that it offers prescription drug, dental and vision coverage all rolled into one plan, while also allowing him to watch his budget.  

Another Coalition member Becky shared that she’s especially appreciative that her Medicare Advantage plan was there for her during the COVID-19 crisis. She shared that she tried telehealth for the first time while social distancing at home, and loved being able to connect with her doctors over her computer screen. Becky also showed the group a box her Medicare Advantage plan sent her containing a COVID-19 test, along with other items that encouraged enrollees to take care of their health while social distancing at home. 

Next, Coalition member Melissa told the group that she’s been on Medicare Advantage for a dozen years and, loves the choice of plans and benefits. One of her favorite aspects is the focus on preventative care. She’s an active user of the free health and wellness benefits, which have kept her healthy and out of the doctor’s office even though she has neuropathy. 

Following Melissa, Coalition member Sam echoed her remarks on the importance of preventative care saying, An ounce of prevention is the reason I chose my Medicare Advantage plan.  

Lastly, Coalition member Lynn stressed the importance of the expanded telehealth services that Medicare Advantage deliversLynn shared that 1 in 6 rural Tennesseans lack access to broadband.. This means that for many Americans 65+, video-based telehealth services aren’t an option. He urged Senator Blackburn to co-sponsor S. 150, the Ensuring Parity in MA for Audio-Only Telehealth Act, so that Medicare Advantage members could still access care over the phone. 

The Coalition for Medicare Choices is grateful to Senator Blackburn’s office for meeting with our Coalition members and hearing why they support Medicare Advantage.