Coalition Members Virtually Meet with the Office of Representative Annie Kuster

Four members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met virtually with the office of Representative Annie Kuster (D-NH-2) to discuss the benefits of their Medicare Advantage coverage.

Coalition member Katherine shared that earlier this year, she had a health issue that required multiple services from medical providers. She said, “I’m disabled, have knee problems, and can’t walk unassisted without some kind of walker, cane, or wheelchair. Because I have Medicare Advantage, they picked up a great deal of costs that otherwise would have come out of my pocket and not been affordable for me.” She added that she is also battling cancer and couldn’t imagine going through it without Medicare Advantage as it “provides patients like myself peace of mind and dignity.”

Lisabritt, another Coalition member, explained how Medicare Advantage makes a big difference for people living at the independent living facilities she represents. She said, “many in the disabled community in New Hampshire rely on Medicare Advantage plans to cover costs of procedures, therapy, and even the equipment they need to be active each day. Medicare Advantage is a wonderful program that is truly making a difference.” She echoed Katherine’s point about peace of mind saying, “[Medicare Advantage] also makes it easy for people who rely on this type of care because the provider takes care of virtually everything. It’s a simplified system and exactly how care for seniors and those with disabilities should be.”

Another Coalition member Dianne said her Medicare Advantage coverage has worked very well for her and she only hears positive feedback from others on Medicare Advantage plans. She shared that her prescription drug costs have continued to decrease since joining the program and she is very grateful that out-of-pocket expenses are capped.

Coalition member Virginia then told the group that she recently retired and has had a very positive experience with Medicare Advantage for the last few years. She said that the Medicare Advantage members she works with in her role as a leader of the regional State Employees Association have been happy with their coverage and appreciate the benefits they can access.

Representative Kuster’s staff reiterated the Congresswoman’s support for Medicare Advantage and the importance of keeping the program as a health care option for seniors and those with disabilities.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Representative Kuster for meeting with our Coalition members and for her support of Medicare Advantage.