Coalition Members Virtually Meet with the Office of Representative Josh Harder

Members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) participated in a virtual meeting with the office of Representative Josh Harder to talk about the affordable, dependable coverage Medicare Advantage provides for seniors and people with disabilities.

Coalition member Mark spoke about enrolling in original Medicare when his wife, a nurse, retired. Mark explained that it was confusing to manage his health with original Medicare, but switching to Medicare Advantage made it much easier to understand his care. He appreciates Medicare Advantage because it is convenient, affordable, and puts a cap on health care costs for its members.

Coalition members Joe and Eric shared the importance of Medicare Advantage in Eric’s life, saying that when he needed an eye surgery due to his type 1 diabetes, the initial charges were close to $29,000. With Eric’s Medicare Advantage coverage, however, they only had to pay a small portion of the bill. If Eric hadn’t been enrolled in Medicare Advantage, he said it is unlikely he would have been able to afford the surgery. Joe added that after the surgery, “Eric was able to see his first grandchild for the first time.”

Another coalition member Maureen said that her mother found original Medicare difficult to understand. With original Medicare her mother “rarely went to the doctor and failed to get the care she needed.” After Maureen helped her sign up for Medicare Advantage, Maureen’s mother started going to the doctor on a regular basis. Maureen noted that because of her streamlined coverage, her mother’s care has improved, allowing her to live comfortably and happily.

Another Coalition member, Glenn also cared for his mother before she passed away. He said his mother “was very impressed with the ease of access to various doctors and services” through Medicare Advantage, including the ease with which she could book appointments, email doctors, and order prescriptions, all of which made caring for his mother much easier.

Tim, who is a Vietnam veteran and also a Coalition member, shared that he uses Medicare Advantage to supplement his VA coverage. He says that his Medicare Advantage plan has been invaluable, allowing him to pay virtually nothing out-of-pocket, and access services that are closer to home. Tim explained that veterans in the Central Valley may have to drive hours each way to a VA facility, but he no longer has to do so saying, “getting to appointments that involve all-day travel is a real hardship. My Medicare Advantage plan helps me avoid that.”

Representative Harder’s staff concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for their heartfelt stories, and reiterating that the Congressman supports Medicare Advantage, and “wants to tell more people about Medicare Advantage.”

CMC is grateful to the office of Representative Harder for meeting with our Coalition members and his support of Medicare Advantage.