Coalition Members Virtually Meet with the Office of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

6 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with the office of Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Coalition members shared their experiences over the last year during the COVID-19 crisis and spoke about how their Medicare Advantage plans had ensured they stayed healthy and safe.

Coalition member Laura echoed Gail’s comments about the importance of telehealth. She said that her doctors even called her to make sure she was doing well, so she had a deep appreciation for audio-only telehealth. Laura urged Senator Schumer’s office to make sure Americans 65+ could still access audio-only telehealth.

Another Coalition member Phoebe shared that even though she is 90, she is very healthy thanks to her Medicare Advantage plan, which she has had for many years. She shared that she knows Americans 65+ who are less mobile and aren’t comfortable with using video technology and thus rely on audio-only telehealth to speak to their doctors.

The CMC is grateful to Senator Schumer’s office for meeting with our Coalition members about the better services, better access to care, and better value that Medicare Advantage delivers.