Letter: A great program for seniors

March 8, 2023

Originally published in The Ellsworth American

Dear Editor:

Older Americans are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Thankfully, health care programs like Medicare Advantage are helping to address this, offering services that specifically cater to mental and personal health.

Medicare Advantage also provides other benefits that foster personal well-being and keep you fit, like the Silver Sneakers workout classes. It’s never been easier for me to get up and get moving! The sense of community you build in these classes is like none other. Through Silver Sneakers, I am able to make new friends, which isn’t the easiest as you get older.

I am thrilled that I have people who are in a similar life stage as myself to grab lunch with, brag about my grandchildren to, and of course, go to Silver Sneakers with. It seems surprising that someone can find a community because of their health care plan, but that is exactly what Medicare Advantage offers because of Silver Sneakers.

Mary Labrecque