Letter: Congress Must Protect Medicare Advantage Program

Originally published in the La Crosse Tribune

Nationwide 27 million seniors like me have chosen a Medicare Advantage plan because they offer benefits like caps on out-of-pocket costs, prescription drug coverage, preventative and wellness programs and in home care options.

Here in Wisconsin over 500,000 seniors have a Medicare Advantage plan and the program has received bipartisan support.

However, as various spending bills have been debated in Congress, some have suggested cuts to Medicare Advantage to fund other programs. This is a big concern for the tens of millions of seniors who depend on their Medicare Advantage plan to be their partner in preventing serious health issues, keep them healthy and help them live on a fixed income.

With polls showing a 94% member satisfaction rate with Medicare Advantage plans, Washington needs to know that us seniors are watching and expect them to preserve and protect this important program.

As members of both parties, including Congressman Kind, debate legislation, I hope they will continue to protect the Medicare Advantage program that so many seniors like me depend on.

Larry Vangen

La Crosse