Letter: Congress Must Protect Medicare Advantage

Originally published in the San Jose Mercury News

Congress is fighting for money to increase benefits for Medicare recipients, but even without this added spending, seniors can enjoy better coverage, at little extra cost, with a Medicare Advantage plan. So I don’t understand why some propose cutting this program, which is used by about 27 million seniors.

Recently I cared for my mother before she passed away. This was easier because of her enrollment in Medicare Advantage, which allowed her to live comfortably despite her medical issues. Without Medicare Advantage, my mother, like so many others on fixed incomes, would have been unable to afford many of the treatments and services she needed. From additional at-home care to covering prescriptions and capping out-of-pocket expenses, the benefits of Medicare Advantage made it easier for her and the family during her last months.

I hope our elected officials will prevent needless hardships for families by fighting for this program.

Glenn Brown
San Jose