Letter: Congress Should Protect Medicare Advantage for NJ Seniors

Originally published in Tapinto Fair Lawn/Glen Rock

I have been serving the Demarest community for many years, first on our city council, now as Mayor, and with the support of our voters I hope to represent the 39th District in our State Assembly. Throughout my career, I have always been dedicated to hearing the concerns of citizens and making sure I fight for their needs.

That is why I have been a proponent of Medicare Advantage for many years, working to protect this program which provides dependable, full-service care to our seniors. Medicare Advantage is not only the most affordable program for seniors and those with disabilities, but it also provides the best benefits and services. With a 94% satisfaction rate among those enrolled, there really is no better healthcare coverage option for our seniors.

Through the many seniors I have spoken with about the program, I have heard stories about the robust prescription drug coverage, having prescriptions and groceries delivered during the pandemic, telehealth visits that were coordinated through Medicare Advantage plans, and more. It becomes clear to anyone who has the pleasure of speaking with a senior on Medicare Advantage the important role this program has in their life and the community.

Current threats to Medicare Advantage will have serious negative impacts on our seniors. I hope that our elected officials, such as Congressman Gottheimer, will take the time to assess how seniors’ healthcare could be impacted should cuts be made to this program, and continue fighting for its protection and expansion.

Melinda Iannuzzi