Letter: Medicare Advantage Critical for Seniors

Originally published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 

When I retired, I was worried that I would no longer be able to access quality health care, as I had to transition away from the coverage provided by my employer. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I looked into the coverage options through Medicare Advantage.

For seniors on a limited income, no program better provides quality care at an affordable price. Premiums for Medicare Advantage are consistently kept low, and the out-of-pocket costs are capped, giving seniors like me peace of mind that even if we have an unexpected health expense, it won’t cost us the entirety of our savings or bankrupt us.

And the program is continuing to improve for patients. Despite premiums being at their lowest in 14 years, they are expected to decrease an additional 10% in 2022, meaning the average senior will pay just $19 a month for their coverage. It’s pretty incredible to know that you can access full-service care for such an affordable price.

My hope is that Rep. Conor Lamb will continue his advocacy for senior health by supporting Medicare Advantage. For financially constrained seniors, many of us would have no other option for quality care if it weren’t for this program.

Joe Gally