Letter: Medicare Advantage has been a blessing

April 19, 2021

To the Editor: Isn’t the best insurance plan the one you don’t even have to think about? Well, that’s what Medicare Advantage is for me and my husband. Even over the past year, when health care has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, because of our Medicare Advantage plan, I knew we never had to worry.

Ever since we enrolled in Medicare Advantage, all of our health care has been completely taken care of. Whatever we need, including our prescription medications and visits to the doctor, are available to us at a low cost, which is especially important for those living on a fixed income.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis and closures, the program maintained a high-quality level of care. Telehealth visits with our doctors took some getting used to, but I was so glad that we had that option available and didn’t have to risk being exposed to COVID-19 by leaving the house.

When Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan think about health care programs that work, I hope they remember my story, and that of my husband. We couldn’t be more satisfied with Medicare Advantage and believe every senior should have the choice to access this quality program.




Originally published in the New Hampshire Union Leader