Letter: Medicare Advantage is good policy for South Carolina seniors

March 15, 2023

Originally published in The State

I am continually proud of South Carolina’s senators for the leadership they show in Washington on issues that are important to their constituents. Through my work as a national committeeman, I have had the opportunity to get to know these gentlemen and see their work firsthand.

That is why I am thankful to Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham for leading on issues surrounding senior health care and pushing policies that offer affordable, accessible options to our aging community. Last month, Scott emerged as a lead signer on a bipartisan senate letter calling on the Biden Administration to continue supporting Medicare Advantage. Graham also supported and signed this same letter. This is exactly the kind of leadership that our senators should be focused on.

Medicare Advantage is an increasingly popular program for seniors, offering them health care coverage that is tailored to their needs at a low cost. Nationwide, over 30 million Americans choose to be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, including over 450,000 South Carolinians. The program gives seniors access to a variety of great benefits, including capping out-of-pocket costs and expanded in-home care coverage, all under one plan.