Letter: Medicare Advantage Sounds Good

May 10, 2022

Originally published in the Modesto Bee

My husband and I turn 65 this year, which means it’s time for us to rethink our health care coverage. After examining different coverage options, we plan to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan and look forward to that coverage kicking in.

When trying to find the best plan, Medicare Advantage stuck out, not only because of the value but also the ease of use. We also noticed the better health outcomes that our friends and family who were already enrolled experienced. Aging certainly takes a toll on the body, and we wanted to make sure we were fully covered should we come across health issues in the future.

Although we haven’t gotten to embrace everything about Medicare Advantage just yet, I’m looking forward to using all the benefits I know my plan provides. I encourage Rep. Harder, who has been an advocate for seniors and affordable health care, to continue supporting Medicare Advantage in Congress.

Nancy Zweifel, Modesto