Letter: Medicare Advantage works

January 23, 2023

Originally published in the Stanley Republican

To the editor:

As many of us in rural Wisconsin know, sometimes finding health insurance coverage with networks in our area can be hard, that’s why when I turned 65 I enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

With my Medicare Advantage plan, I never stress about having access to the specialists or preventative care I need. Through benefits like prescription drug coverage, free preventative care, and a large network of doctors near where I live, having access to quality care has never been easier. Plus, I never have the headache of high medical bills because the program caps out-of-pocket costs. I can instead focus on the activities that make me happiest without worrying about breaking the bank.

No matter where we live, retirees should have health care options that fit our needs. I hope that Medicare Advantage continues to be strengthened for its rural enrollees in the future, and that the government and private sector continue to prove they can team up to deliver wins for the American people.

Sincerely, Charlotte Rasmussen