Letter: Medicare Advantage works for seniors, disabled

February 3, 2023

Originally published in The Cap Times

Dear Editor: Health care is certainly an important topic, and while there can be mixed opinions on the issue, one program that has consistently had high satisfaction and bipartisan support is Medicare Advantage.

As a senior and veteran on Medicare Advantage, I know firsthand why the program has so much support from lawmakers and seniors alike. Medicare Advantage provides quality, affordable coverage and is doing an outstanding job of protecting the health of seniors and those with disabilities.

As we get older, many of us also adapt to new financial realities. For those of us living on a fixed income, there is great peace of mind knowing premiums for Medicare Advantage are likely to continue to decrease, just as they did in 2022 and 2021, and that our out-of-pocket expenses are capped.

I hope support for Medicare Advantage continues to be bipartisan because seniors and those with disabilities deserve access to the valuable care Medicare Advantage provides.

Arlene Kessler