Letter: Preserve Medicare Advantage plans

Originally published in the Ellsworth American

Inflation and rising costs are a concern for everyone, but especially for seniors who live on fixed or limited incomes. When prices go up, it’s hard for us to keep up. But that shouldn’t keep us from accessing the services we need to live the life we want.

This is why I’ve been especially grateful for my Medicare Advantage coverage. The program is incredibly unique, as it provides seniors with the highest quality health-care coverage, including extensive benefits and services, without asking us to pay a high premium.

In fact, in 2022, premiums are expected to decrease an additional 10 percent, meaning the average senior will pay just $19 per month. But a drop in premiums doesn’t mean we lose out on care. The benefits and services we can access are actually even more extensive than what is offered through original Medicare.

From coordinated care to prescription drug coverage and delivery, Medicare Advantage is ensuring that seniors can access every health care benefit they need to feel healthy and keep their finances in line! I hope that Sen. King will continue his advocacy for senior health by preventing any cuts to Medicare Advantage — seniors are counting on him!

Joyce Laffin