Letter: Protect Medicare Advantage for NJ Seniors

Originally published in TAPintoFair Lawn/Glen Rock

As the liaison to the senior community for the Dumont Borough Council, I am well aware of the concerns our seniors share, as well as the programs and policies they feel have benefited them.

Especially in the continued wake of COVID-19, health care has been at the top of mind for seniors. Given the importance of having dependable health coverage, the current threats to Medicare Advantage are particularly concerning.

Seniors in Bergen County are incredibly thankful for the coverage they receive through Medicare Advantage. The program has allowed many of them to access benefits and services they would otherwise be unable to afford, thanks to the low premiums and cap on out-of-pocket costs for Medicare Advantage plans.

Beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage can access integrated dental, vision, and hearing benefits, receive robust prescription drug coverage, and have their transportation costs to and from the doctor covered through their plan. Because of the various plans Medicare Advantage provides, seniors can act independently to choose the plan that best suits them.

Without Medicare Advantage, I am concerned our seniors will lose access to the coverage they depend on, resulting in negative health consequences for our community. I hope that Congress will continue fighting for this essential healthcare program and work to relieve the concerns of our seniors.

Carole Stewart