Letter: Protect, strengthen Medicare Advantage

January 24, 2023

Originally published in Hometown Source

To the editor:

As we ring in the new year, many people, including seniors and individuals with disabilities, are looking for affordable, reliable health insurance. As someone enrolled in Medicare Advantage, I couldn’t recommend this program more.

Studies have shown that Medicare Advantage consistently delivers high-quality health care for a low price. The efficiency of Medicare Advantage does not surprise me one bit — I should know. I have been able to have regular visits with my doctor, heal comfortably from two knee replacement surgeries, and take preventative measures to ensure my long-term health thanks to the benefits I receive from Medicare Advantage – all without breaking the bank.

Not only is Medicare Advantage less expensive than other options, but Medicare Advantage gives enrollees a better bang for their buck. Medicare Advantage includes everything that original Medicare covers, however Medicare Advantage includes a multitude of additional benefits, like wellness programs and tele-health options.

It’s really great to see a program that protects and looks out for seniors on a fixed income, especially after the pandemic. I hope our officials in Washington, D.C., continue protecting and strengthening Medicare Advantage.

Sam Samsundar