Letter: St. Cloud Council Member Calls on Congress to Support Medicare Advantage

Originally published in the St. Cloud Times

As a St. Cloud City Council member, one of my top priorities is ensuring the health of my constituents. For seniors in St. Cloud, I have been especially concerned with the stability and accessibility of health care coverage, given the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on their community in particular.

Medicare Advantage has been a crucial part of alleviating those concerns. This program offers dependable and affordable health care coverage to seniors through low premiums and capped out-of-pocket costs.

In addition to low payments, Medicare Advantage allows seniors to access numerous benefits, including in-home care, eyeglasses and hearing aids, prescription drug coverage, and integrated vision, dental and hearing benefits.

I hope that our elected officials in Congress, particularly Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Tina Smith and Rep. Tom Emmer, will continue to advocate for this program and keep supporting Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans have made a big impact on our senior community, and seniors should continue to have access to the services and benefits they need.

Dave Masters

St. Cloud