Letter: Tell Lawmakers Not to Cut Medicare Advantage

Originally published in The Cap Times and Leader Telegram

Medicare Advantage is a lifeline for over 500,000 Wisconsinites, and that’s why Congress should not cut the program to pay for other spending bills.

Medicare Advantage gives health insurance options to tens of millions of seniors around America by offering benefits above and beyond original Medicare. With out-of-pocket maximums, low or no monthly premium, benefits like vision, virtual visits and preventative care, the Advantage program is a partner for seniors like me as we try to live a healthy lifestyle in our retirement.

But our Medicare Advantage benefits could be at risk if some in Congress get their way. As talks around the spending bill in Washington heat up, some have targeted Medicare Advantage as a program to cut to pay for other programs. I’m here to tell our Wisconsin representatives in Washington that we seniors will not put up with these plans.

Medicare Advantage is important to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin seniors. Our members of Congress need to remember that and push back on any talks of cuts to this valuable program.

Mandy Heard

Eau Claire