Medicare Advantage has been good to me, by Jon O’Brien

April 8, 2021

When I retired a few years back, my number one concern was how I was going to maintain the consistent and reliable health coverage provided by my employer. After looking at my options, I chose a Medicare Advantage plan, and I could not be more satisfied, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I picked Medicare Advantage because not only was the transition seamless, but it allowed me to continue to see the same doctor that I had when I was on my employer’s plan. My prescription drug benefits are great as well — my Medicare Advantage plan covers my drug benefits, so I only have one insurance card I need to use whether visiting the drug store, or my doctor.

The ease of use, the ability to keep my own doctors, the prescription drug benefits, and the low out-of-pocket costs are some of my favorite things about my Medicare Advantage plan. And even through the COVID-19 crisis, Medicare Advantage has had my back from telehealth visits to prescription drug delivery, so I can stay safe while socially isolating.

I’m telling my story so that New Hampshire’s members of Congress understand why seniors like me like their Medicare Advantage plan. I ask them to support this important program that has taken care of my health both before and during this pandemic.




Originally published in the Sentinel Source