Medicare Advantage has been lifesaver during COVID

April 23, 2021

I couldn’t be more grateful for my Medicare Advantage, my health care plan that has supported me throughout the covid-19 crisis. When I say it’s a lifesaver, I really mean that. The changes that Medicare Advantage plans put into place over the past year really could have been the difference between life or death for vulnerable seniors.

With people 65 and older being among the most vulnerable to the virus, it was a scary year. But Medicare Advantage took all the steps necessary in order to give me peace of mind about my health. I was lucky enough to stay healthy, but I knew that if I did happen to get sick, my Medicare Advantage plan would take care of everything, including coordinating my care, and ensuring the affordability of my treatment. The plan also let me use virtual doctor’s appointments, so I could continue to see my doctors and specialists while socially isolated.

Of course, there are some doctors’ appointments that simply can’t happen virtually, one of those being my hip replacement. I deferred the procedure and am now having it this summer, covered by MA. And for a surgery as important and invasive as a hip replacement, I was glad that I could be picky about my surgeon, as Medicare Advantage covers a variety of providers.

This program is so important to seniors like me and should be strengthened in every way. I urge our lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to stand up and strengthen Medicare Advantage in 2021, and for years to come.

Christine Lamb



Originally published in The Everett Herald