Medicare Advantage Members Say “Don’t Cut Our Care”

December 3, 2021

Members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices know that Medicare Advantage plans provide them with better services, better access to care, and better value. Now they’re sharing their stories and asking Congress to protect and strengthen their health care by supporting Medicare Advantage.

A Range of Additional Benefits

We know that there is more to good health than what happens in the doctor’s office. Medicare Advantage plans are able to offer a range of benefits to help seniors and people with disabilities thrive. Additional benefits like gym memberships and exercise classes, delivery of healthy foods, and transportation assistance are helping people every day.

Coalition member Charlene Dais says that when she became ill and developed mobility issues, the cost of transportation to her medical appointments was a real concern. Her Medicare Advantage plan—which includes transportation—gave her peace of mind.

Staying active is important for staying healthy. Coalition member Aslee Bailey points out that Medicare Advantage makes gym memberships and exercise programs affordable for people like her.

Charlene and Henry Love chose Medicare Advantage because it gave them the best “bang for the buck,” and they were pleasantly surprised by the additional benefits, including food delivery after Henry’s hospital stay.

Affordable Coverage and Care

People know they can rely on the coverage they receive from Medicare Advantage plans. Low monthly premiums and capped out-of-pocket costs provide American seniors and people with disabilities with peace of mind, knowing they can get the care they need at a cost they can afford. Many plans also offer valuable prescription drug coverage and additional benefits like fitness programs, hearing, vision, and dental coverage, transportation, and more.

Medicare Advantage members like Charlene Knox rely on their prescription medicines to keep them healthy. Facing pharmacy bills she describes as “sky high,” Charlene found a better deal through her Medicare Advantage plan.

Audrey Howard’s Medicare Advantage plan helps her to see her doctor and get the medicines she needs at a cost she can afford.

Comprehensive health coverage through Medicare Advantage allowed Mike Vaquer to focus on his health and recovery from cancer, rather than on how he would pay for his treatment.

Unlike original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans cap out-of-pocket costs for their members. This keeps medical expenses low for seniors like Conneva and JD Hall.

The stories from our Coalition members are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers high-quality, affordable, and comprehensive health coverage for seniors and people with disabilities. 27 million Americans across the country are counting on Congress to protect Medicare Advantage.