Medicare Advantage: What Lawmakers Are Saying

June 3, 2022

More than 28 million seniors and people with disabilities choose Medicare Advantage for high-quality, affordable health care coverage. 93% of senior voters with Medicare Advantage are satisfied with their coverage, and the program has bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Throughout the year, Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members have engaged their Members of Congress to discuss why Medicare Advantage is such an important program. Here’s what some lawmakers had to say:

Sen. Jacky Rosen had the chance to meet with several of our Nevada Coalition members. At the conclusion of the meeting she said, “I will continue to support Medicare Advantage and work to strengthen the program for all.

During a conversation with several California Coalition members, Rep. Jay Obernolte said, “I know how important it is for seniors to have choices when it comes to health care. Medicare Advantage saves the government money and provides better care.

After hearing stories from a few New York Coalition members, Rep. Paul Tonko told the group that Medicare Advantage is a great system that works well, adding, “if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed or changed.

Rep. Pete Stauber recently met with a group of Minnesota CMC members. At the conclusion of the meeting, he reiterated his support for the program saying, “We signed on to the [Medicare Advantage support] letter this year, and we will continue to support options for senior health care that best suit their needs.

Five Arizona members of the Coalition told Rep. Greg Stanton about the many benefits of Medicare Advantage. Rep. Stanton referenced his own experience with the program through his father who enjoys many of the same benefits. He said, “[My dad] would be very upset with me if I did anything to take away his Medicare Advantage. He is a happy Medicare Advantage recipient. I have both a policy as well as a family interest in keeping the program strong.

In another California Coalition meeting, Rep. Jimmy Panetta heard from a group of CMC members. After hearing their stories, he said, “These kinds of calls are very helpful and prove that I was right to sign the MA [Medicare Advantage] support letter. You can tell that MA is a bipartisan issue due to the number of Congressional signers on the letter.

A group of West Virginia Coalition members had the chance to discuss Medicare Advantage with Rep. Carol Miller and thank her for her continued support of the program. At the conclusion of the meeting she said, “Everyone needs efficient, effective, and affordable health care options that suit their needs. Medicare Advantage is exactly that.

While meeting with Rep. Mike Gallagher at his district office, several Wisconsin Coalition members shared their thoughts on Medicare Advantage. During the meeting, Rep. Gallagher said, “I am a big fan of Medicare Advantage and will do what I can to be helpful to the program.

After hearing from our Michigan Coalition members about the value of Medicare Advantage, Rep. Mike Levin said, “Medicare Advantage plays a vital role in giving people access to quality care. It’s working and it’s working well.

Medicare Advantage provides seniors and those with disabilities better services, better access to care, and better value, which is why Members of Congress continue to advocate for this essential program.

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