Montana Coalition Member is Grateful for Her Medicare Advantage

July 9, 2020

Finding accessible, affordable health care can be extremely difficult for Americans 65+. That is why Kathy Berumen is one of the thousands of Montanans who values her Medicare Advantage coverage.

Many Americans live on a budget and have a number of health conditions they need to deal with each day. Being over the age of 65 and retired, Kathy finds that Medicare Advantage is not only an affordable health option, but it provides her with stable health care she can rely on when she needs it most. For Kathy, the program delivers her a set amount of money each quarter for wellness products, which are delivered right to her door.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Medicare Advantage also adapted to keep members, like Kathy, healthy and safe. The program offers:

  • Expanded access to telehealth for virtual doctor visits
  • Free COVID-19 diagnostic testing at no cost to patients when ordered by a doctor
  • Access to prescription drug medication so patients can continue to address their health care concerns during this time

Kathy is grateful that the entire Montana Congressional delegation supports the Medicare Advantage program, which continues to deliver better services, better access to care, and better value each year. Kathy encourages all Medicare Advantage enrollees to reach out to their members of Congress and share how important the program is to millions of Americans.