What They’re Saying: Don’t Cut Medicare Advantage

March 23, 2023

Across the nation, Coalition for Medicare Choice (CMC) members and advocates are speaking out against the Biden Administration’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage, noting the benefits the program provides and its high satisfaction rates. Despite 95% of seniors believing the government should fully fund Medicare Advantage, the Biden Administration’s recent advance rate notice for Medicare Advantage proposes billions of dollars in cuts that could reduce benefits and increase costs.

These individuals and organizations know that Medicare Advantage is important because it provides high-quality, affordable health care to more than 30 million seniors and individuals with disabilities. Here’s what they’re saying:

Ahead of President Biden’s recent trip to Nevada, the Latin Chamber of Nevada released a press statement, calling on the Biden Administration to protect Medicare Advantage funding.

The Arizona Nurses Association publicly opposed proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage in the Arizona Daily Independent. The association called on President Biden to “reverse their planned cuts so that 30 million American seniors and people with disabilities – including more than 676,000 Arizonans – can continue receiving the health care on which they rely.”

CMC member Rich Jespersen, who lives in Senator Tester’s hometown, wrote to the Havre Daily News expressing concern for any cuts to Medicare Advantage, particularly for rural Americans. He also asked that the Biden Administration protect funding.

Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Columbus, Ohio Building Trade Council, Dorsey Hager, posted on Twitter highlighting his recent meeting with Senator Brown’s staff, where he spoke about the importance of Medicare Advantage to the 18,000 workers his group represents. Dorsey emphasized that no cuts should be made to the program.

“As Executive Secretary-Treasurer of @BuildCentralOH, the interests of 18,000 workers are always top of mind. I recently spoke with Sen. Brown’s staff to highlight how Medicare Advantage is beneficial for our members when they retire and it should be protected from any cuts.”

The West Virginia Association of Retired School Employees released a statement regarding a letter they sent to President Biden and others in his Administration advocating for Medicare Advantage. Lootpress News covered the statement, which said: “As written, the proposed Medicare Advantage plan payments for next year could result in billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare Advantage. Any decreases in payments to plans could mean fewer benefits or higher premiums for more than 30 million Americans, including many retired school employees across West Virginia.”

Keisha Wright, a CMC advocate from Virginia, wrote a letter to the Henrico Citizen explaining that any cuts to Medicare Advantage would be particularly harmful to seniors with a variety of medical and physical needs.

Ability360, a disability advocacy group, asked the Biden Administration to reject cuts to Medicare Advantage in a letter to the Arizona Capital Times. “Medicare Advantage members have access to all of the preventative care, fitness programs, prescription drug coverage and other services they need to stay healthy. The program’s mission is the same as ours at Ability360 – to help Arizonans live as independently as possible and in control of their own care. This is why we’re so concerned the Biden Administration is proposing to cut billions from Medicare Advantage in the coming year. If enacted, those funding reductions will hit hard the 30 million Americans – including over 600,000 Arizona seniors and individuals with disabilities – who depend on this important program.”

Ability 360 also promoted the piece on Facebook, writing:

“600,000 Arizona individuals with disabilities and seniors rely on the Medicare Advantage Program. That’s why we’re speaking out now that the federal government is proposing $3 billion in cuts to the Medicare Advantage program that our community depends upon.”

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which represents businesses across Wisconsin, informed its nearly 4,000 member companies about its opposition to the proposed Medicare Advantage cuts, saying: “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently proposed drastically cutting the Medicare Advantage program. Many Wisconsin businesses rely on this program to provide affordable and high-quality health care coverage to their retirees. Medicare Advantage provides beneficiaries with more significant cost savings and a more comprehensive range of benefits than its alternative, FFS Medicare. WMC sent a letter to CMS, urging a strengthening of the program rather than drastically cutting it.”

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce promoted this opposition on Twitter saying:

“Medicare Advantage allows Wisconsin businesses to provide affordable and high quality health care coverage to their retirees. It would be a mistake for the Biden Administration to cut this program drastically.”

James Neville, CMC member, posted on Facebook and tagged Senator Schumer, Rep. Jefferies, and President Biden. James called on Senator Schumer and Rep. Jefferies to urge President Biden to protect Medicare Advantage from cuts.

“I enjoy staying healthy and active in my retirement. My Medicare Advantage plan allows me to do this with the support I need for preventative care. My plan helps cover tests and screenings that can keep me healthier and out of the hospital as I get older. Getting this coverage my soon be difficult for me, as the CMS have suggested cuts to Medicare Advantage. These cuts could make it more difficult for seniors like me to access the quality and affordable health care that Medicare Advantage provides. I urge President Joe Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries to tell the Biden Administration no to Medicare Advantage cuts.”

The Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce posted on Twitter, tagging Rep. Moskowitz and calling on him to reach out to the White House to reject Medicare Advantage cuts.

“Bipartisan majority say Biden Admin proposed cuts to #MedicareAdvantage are unacceptable. More than half eligible Hispanics choose Medicare Advantage plans. @JaredEMoskowitz ask the White House to fight for seniors against these cuts. Fight to protect MA.”

The New Jersey State Nurses Association authored an opinion piece, which appeared in multiple publications across New Jersey, showing concern over the proposed Medicare Advantage cuts. The group discussed how cuts to Medicare Advantage plans will not only eliminate crucial health care benefits seniors enjoy, but it could exacerbate the medical workforce shortages that the state faces.

Finally, the U.S. Rural Health Network posted on Twitter, tagging Rep. Wilson and calling on her to urge the White House to protect Medicare Advantage against any cuts.

“Seniors need their Medicare Advantage plans–they provide high quality, affordable care. Protect what matters most to our seniors and protect Medicare Advantage. @RepWilson ask the White House to fight for seniors against these cuts. #Health #NoCuts”

Third-party organizations and seniors nationwide are making it clear that Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 30 million Americans. Stand up for American seniors and people with disabilities.

Tell the Administration: Don’t Cut Their Care.